we need more skilled workers

Do we? Ryan think yes.

There are some correct remarks in his blogpost.

But just thought about this:

We’re not producing enough skilled workers to keep up with the demand for skills, and we’re producing too many unskilled workers.

This is said around the globe. I think it´s an urban legend. It implicates on the one hand that there is no work for unskilled workers and on the other hand that more skilled workers would automatically get a job. But as all countrys are claiming this I wonder what this skilled workers would work at the end.

Do we speak about a trade(manufacturing) war? And why do we meet so much undone work every day when we leave our houses? When I have a look on TV and see some news in wich is said that we have „no money“ for repairing streets, electricity infrastructure, better health…

Ryan writes that we (all) manufacture goods wich can be shipped. What about the goods and services wich cannot be shipped or wich are consumed in our own countrys? Export-orientation is not the answer but a problem. We have to learn to work for ourself. If someone like China and India learn this (future)… then export-oriented countrys will have (maybe cause) big, big problems because David Ricardo will/would not work any longer.
Remember that trade-deficits are less if we learn to change our loan/price structure that it allows us (also) to work more for ourselves. And so I dont think that Obama ideas are good as others do. Some are talking about manufacturing and have export in mind. And some are talking about that we have no work any longer but the streets are in a really bad shape. I wonder why.

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