The trade balance of Greece… wich?

Yesterday I read an article with nice charts about export/import of some Euro-problem-nations like Greece an Ireland here.

There was a bit irritation about the results because I checked the one from OECD and the author Merijn Knibbe the one from Eurostat.

Here are the links to the different sources:

The differences are significant.

I looked from where the OECD got the data and looked at my own at the Bank of Greece. And here is the result (chart) comparing every month 2010 to 2011.

The year-to-year-change does not look that bad. A positive trendline. The sum ist -10.998,6 in 2010 compared to -8.918,2 in 2011 so far. Year-to-year, not adjustet and according to the Bank of Greece…. whatever that implicates….

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